Our firewood process begins by receiving logs from various tree removal services and construction sites. Rather than collect wood from land clearing operations, NJ Firewood For Sale reclaims wood that is removed from tree service jobs as well as repurposed construction supports. Our mixed hardwood is untreated (no harsh chemical additives) and consists of both red oak and ash, and is seasoned and ready to burn, perfect for all your heating needs.

All our wood is split into approximately 17" logs, perfect for your fireplace, fire pit or wood burning stove. 

Both loose and palletized wood can be ordered in either a half cord or full cord. Our measurements for a cord of wood are based on the widely accepted 128 cubic feet. When ordering a full cord of palletized firewood, the customer will receive two pallets, both measuring 64 cubic feet. Cords of loose firewood are pre-measured and then loaded into the dump truck to ensure the customer is receiving a "true" cord or half cord.


Our mulch is 100% made from hardwood with both double and triple ground options.  Our black and brown dyed mulch is dyed on-site, with premium quality mulch dyes. Our natural hardwood mulch is free from any additives or dyes and is also processed at our facilities.

About Us 

Located in the heart of Northern New Jersey.  We are a family owned and operated firewood company specializing in delivering cords of reclaimed seasoned firewood throughout New Jersey.

NJ Firewood For Sale working under TEM Services Group LLC